Our mission is to remain responsive to the needs of our clients, offering a range of cosmetic brands, embracing both skin care and makeup at an affordable cost while simultaneously ensuring continuity in supplies, a highly efficient service and a superb spa experience.​

anne martin is a family owned business operated by Clarice Distributors, a limited liability company with two directors; Anne Martin and Margaret Rudy. The name began as a clothing label some twenty five years ago. Responding to changing trends in the market, we repositioned in the market place fifteen years later to become the Premier Cosmetics Centre in Jamaica.


There are over four hundred and sixty outlets; in particular pharmacies throughout the island that are involved in the vending of cosmetics and other sundries items. We certainly possess the distinction of being the only exclusive purveyors of cosmetics which is Jamaican owned.

This mission is realized by the following means:

  • Personalized consultation on all matters of skin care and make-up

  • In-house courses which are conducted by our highly trained staff

  • Aggressive advertising strategies utilizing all media forms

  • Convening of workshops/seminars in the offices of several businesses/organizations


We are proud of the fact that the number of requests received by our company to conduct these seminars and workshops far exceed our physical capabilities.

Located in both major capitals Kingston and Montego Bay, and more specifically, in the shopping mecca of each city, we have grown from the single Flagship brand; Fashion Fair to some twelve others. These include Iman, Fashion Fair, Dermablend, Revlon, Maybelline, Black Opal, L’Oreal, Neutrogena and Milani.


In 2004, we sought to acquire a second location in The Baywest Shopping Centre in Montego Bay. We now conduct business in two locations; Kingston and Montego Bay.


We continuously seek to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and in

June 2006 we acquired additional store space in The Mall Plaza, Kingston to house a Medi-Spa.


The medi-spa at  anne martin is an oasis and its presence has certainly dispelled any notion that it is impossible to create a spa in a Shopping Mall. Located at the rear of the store, this medi-spa features five treatment rooms. Each room is individually outfitted and named appropriately, according to its décor and function. The Euphoria and Renaissance Rooms have so far been the favorites of many of our clients. Each treatment room has the most advanced skin care equipment and each is decked with plant life, a water feature and ambient lighting, all contributing to a most restful haven.


With the introduction of this new medi-spa, the element of skin care has been elevated to a new dimension. 


The Concept

In our attempts to always differentiate ourselves in the market place, the Medi-Spa offers curative treatments for the face and body in a spa setting. The component of relaxation is not our only focus. This focus extends beyond the relaxation effect in a spa; it is therapeutic in nature.


On examination of the many and varied skin conditions, we have designed fourteen possible facials to include for example, a sinus allergy facial which instantly provides relief for our clients with sinusitis. We have certainly departed from the tendency to give one facial for all; irrespective of skin type.


Our facials are administered after careful analysis of our clients’ skin condition and skin type. Similarly, we have formulated massage treatments for the body to alleviate pain, stress and to eliminate toxins from within.   


For Future

We will remain responsive to your needs whether it be an expansion of our product line or the incorporation of additional services.




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