Additional Services 

  • Makeup Services

  • Lash Extensions

  • Makeup Classes

  • Dress and Go Service 


Makeup Services


We take pleasure in offer Makeup Services for all your special engagements 

A day's notice is all we need




Lash Extension 

We add length and fullness to your lashes

for a natural 'born with it' look with

individual lashes not strips 





Makeup Classes


We offer makeup classes each month, begining in January of each year and continuing through to November. These classes are designed to be interactive and informative. The Course covers Skin Care and the Application of Makeup with the focus being Eyeshadow Application. On completion, you will be more confident in applying your own makeup. The sessions commence on the first Thursday in each month for a period of four (4) weeks. The time slot is 5:15pm to 6:30pm. You are encouraged to take your own makeup and tools. A Certificate is given to each participant at the end of this period. Currently the cost is a nominal fee of $8000. 

Dress & Go Service


If you are attending a function immediately after work and you do not have sufficient time to go home,  come to us (outfit and all). We’ll give you a make-over; you’ll don your fancy attire and just go!


In case you need to freshen up, we even have the facilities of a shower. This ‘Dress and Go’ will cost $5,500. Our manicurist will also gladly re-polish your nails for an additional $700; however, you would have to make allowance for time if this is done. Do understand that this has to be by appointment and all we need is 48 hours notice.


Use the following short checklist so you do not forget anything at home (we will have curling iron/comb/brush for touch-ups). Shower gel and lotion will also be available, if you need to take a shower.

  1. Dress/shawl

  2. Shoe, stockings, evening bag

  3. Accessories/Fragrance

  4. Wash cloth---we have freshly laundered, crisp white towels on hand at all times


For the upcoming holiday season, the service will be expanded to include rentals of evening dresses and bags. If you have an engagement and you are not inclined to invest in a new ensemble, you may choose one from our rental collection.