Hyperpigmentation is associated with excessive darkening of the skin caused by conditions like acne, hormonal imbalances and sun damage, (especially on the cheek). The use of the Skin Tone Evener is extremely effective in fading these spots - apply to dark areas only..
$3306.00 + tax

This NEW Skin Tone Evener is Hydroquinone-free...gradually and gently it helps even skin tone and fade dark spots, freckles or other skin discolourations. This formula contains Antioxidants of Vitamin C and E which protect the skin from further darkening and environmental damage.
- Fades dark spots.
- Lightweight.
- Gentle formula infused with Vitamin E and  Soybean    extract.

 Dry Skin
Your skin type is hereditary and can be exacerated by climatic conditions. Dry Skin must be continuously treated with emollients to keep it soft and supple....Dry skin is prone to early wrinkling; adequate moisture delays this process...  
$2394.00 + tax

This multi-functional serum is a daily refuge for your skin, formulated to restore, revitalize, and protect skin from environmental damage. Antioxidants guard skin and rich emollient hydrators help to reduce dryness.

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