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BB means 'Beauty Balm' or 'Blemish Balm'
This creme is a miracle in one bottle replacing several cremes, for example, your sunscreen, primer, fade crème and moisturizer ; all with just one application…It is latest buzz in the cosmetics industry.
The BB crème was first developed in Germany by a dermatologist who wanted a single creme that would protect skin and provide coverage after laser treatments. The all-in-one formulation has become a sensation in South Korea and has spread throughout Asia and the USA.

  • Protects with SPF 15 & antioxidants

  • Evens with Skin Tone Evener Complex enriched with Acai, Licorice & Grape Seed

  • Anti-aging components which hydrate the skin with Kokum, Almond, Aloe and Vitamins A, E & C

  • Paraben-Free

  • Compliments your skin tone with a hint of color in 5 perfect-match shades

  • Silicone-based ingredients, such as dimethicone, that help smooth the skin, acting much like a foundation primer does