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Olay is one product that was truly born from love! A chemist named Graham Wulff created this brand for his wife in the 1950's. Olay is the renamed Oil of Olay with which many of you are familiar.  All Olay products have two important characteristics - these products are light, greaseless and easily absorbed by the skin. Today, Olay is world renowned and is trusted! After 60 years of research and evolution, the integrity and philosophy upheld by Graham Wulff has been maintained. Women the world over rely on Olay to look and feel beautiful!









Basic Skin Care -- 30 and younger

Always select a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye creme for your basic skin care regime 

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These treatments are guaranteed to be effective when used as directed..Whatever Olay states; Olay does! Be consistent; be diligent!

Always select a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye creme for basic skin care regime 







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Total Effects Anti-AgingNight Creme

Don't just dream about younger-looking skin. Do something about it with Olay Total Effects Night Firming Treatment, and fight 7 signs of aging while you sleep. Simply massage it onto your face and neck after cleansing and go to bed. This proven, vitamin-rich cream goes to work at night, fighting 7 signs of aging: firms skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines, minimizes wrinkles, fades age spots, hydrates with moisture, and gives skin a healthy-looking appearance.