Our Customized Facials



Our Signature Brand is Cures by Avance

As you escape into this luxurious setting, your aesthetician will analyze your skin and assist you in customizing your facial treatment. While you enjoy the relaxation of being in a Spa, you are also on the way to curing your skin condition....


Here are a few options:


Facial for Dry and Normal

  • Harmonizes and restores the perfect ph balance using products from the sea

  • Refreshing and invigorating

  • Gentle cleansing milk, dry skin formula, seawater gentle mist, nourishing mask,nutrient moisturizer, serum, ant-wrinkle crème, azulen day crème

  • $5000 (45 min.)


Facial for Oily Skin

  • Foaming cleansing gel, algae gentle cleanse, purifying mask, crème purifiante

  • $5000



Glycolic Facial

  • Excellent exfoliant

  • Renewal to the skin’s surface

  • $5500 (60 min.)


Acne Facial

  • The most powerful treatment for acne prone skin

  • $5500 (50 min.)


Teenage breakouts

  • Addresses and corrects skin problems with the use of a blemish formula and an anti-acne moisturizer

  • $4800 (45 min.)


Facial for Men

  • Designed especially for men to improve the skin’s texture

  • Restores Vital radiance

  • Rejuvenating-- includes a neck and shoulder massage

  • $4950 (60 min.)


Sinus Allergy Facial

  • Highly effective in clearing the sinuses

  • A renaissance effect is immediately experienced

  • $4850 (50 min.)


Facial for Sensitive Skin

  • A delicate cleansing milk is one of several gentle products used

  • $5250 (50 min.)


Avance’ ‘Lift me up’ Eye Treatment

  • Designed especially for under the eye lines and dark circles

  • $6800 (50 min.)


anne martin’s Signature Facial for normal and combination skin

  • Soothing, moisturizing facial leaves your skin soft and truly radiant

  • See and feel the difference in your skin 

  • $5850 (55 min.)


Avance’ Curative Age-Defying Facial

  • A perfect renewal for mature skin

  • $5800 (60 min.)


Oxygen Facial

  • This facial is like a breath of fresh air!

  • Delivers oxygen below the surface of the skin, leaving a youthful glow

  • Excellent for hyper-pigmentation

  • $5600 (60 min.)


Thermal Mask

  • Indulge in this tantalizing treatment that increases circulation

  • You’ll feel rejuvenated, radiant and beautiful after this treatment

  • $5600 (55 min.)




Collagen On the Spot Treatments (can be combined with most facials).

  • Instantly restores the elasticity

  • 100% pure collagen is used (free of preservatives or fragrances)

  • An additional $2000 to the cost of any Facial (15 min.)when you visit for a facial, it's therefore not a generic 








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