Our Signature Brand

CURES by Avance represents a collection of skincare and bodycare products that are curative and corrective. Our goal is to focus on skin conditions and not on skin types. CURES has created services and treatments that treat the root cause of the condition, offering long-term results.




Our Spa is designed to for both men and women, providing both relaxation and therapeutic treatments.







Avancé, French for advanced, is the personification of wellness, the means for achieving beauty through wellness. The Avancé product line utilizes the curative powers of land and sea plants.

Clean, balanced, translucent skin begins deep within the sea. Infused with algae, the sea's natural purifier, the Avancé cleansing system eliminates impurities while preparing the skin for treatment steps that nourish and protect. Remarkable clarity is the system's skin perfecting effect. Avancé is manufactured in France and was carefully selected for use in our Medi-Spa.