Our Bridal Package

Our Bridal Package



This will be one of the most important days in your life
We would love to share with you in this event



Menu of Services


Professional Makeup Services
Makeup for the Bride   Only  $7,500
This includes a pre-trial makeover for the bride. 
Each Bridesmaid $5
We do offer a 10% discount for bridal parties exceeding four. 


Spa Services Bride Only
** Facial  $5,000
Body Massage $6
Combination Packages for Bride
Facial, makeup and body massage $16,000
Combination Facial and Massage
For Groom  only $11,000

Bride and Groom – Massage only
Double Massage $12,000
Complete Package for Bride and Groom 
This includes makeup, facial and massage $24,000
** Facials must be done at least two weeks before your wedding date!
See Our “Dress and Go’’ Service


Good Wishes


Email us: annemartincosmeticsandspa@annemartinja.com








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